01 Introduction

EduCode™ leverages AI and Web3 technologies to provide an engaging coding education through relatable videos. Their platform offers carefully crafted content, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and have a customized experience. Join them on an exciting journey to unlock coding potential through captivating video lessons.

02 Description

EduCode™ strongly believes in harnessing the power of relatable and engaging videos to enrich coding lessons. We made the process of discovering these videos as effortless as they are enjoyable, which enhances the learning experience itself. Our animated tutorials are meticulously crafted, from the script and voice-overs to the animations, ensuring a captivating in-class or at-home learning experience for every course. With the integration of AI, we now offer individualized learning, allowing our 500K+ students worldwide to not only enjoy what they learn but also to prepare them for highly sought-after software engineering jobs.