01 Introduction

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02 Description

The advanced 4.0 version of Invoice manager app aims to save businesses and contractors time and money by automating tasks typically performed by bookkeepers, accountants, secretaries, and staff managers. The app's features include time and expense tracking, invoicing, and project management, all in one centralized location. An AI assistant will be available to help with tasks such as legal compliance, tax preparation, and financial forecasting, enabling users to focus on their work instead of administrative tasks. To compare expenses, let's consider a company with 10 employees, each performing different tasks that require some level of bookkeeping, accounting, secretarial work, and staff management. The cost for these traditional positions is estimated at $500,000 per year. On the other hand, the advanced invoice manager app would eliminate the need for these positions and their associated costs. Assuming a cost of $50 per month per user, the total cost would be $6,000 per year, which is significantly less than the $500,000 per year cost of traditional positions. Therefore, by using the app, the company can save more than $494,000 per year, which can be allocated to other areas of the business. We think the future of S-M size businesses is in automation to reduce cost & increase cash flow, thus changing the scope for the age old 5 year death sentence more than half of all companies have, eliminating the informational barrier of entry & streamlining operations allowing productive business dealings. AI is changing the world as we know it in real time, so we think it wise for small to medium size companies to use tools like our Invoice app & many more to come, to save precious funds you could put to to much better use.